The IPChain network captures transactions at all stages of the intellectual rights circulation:

  • Creazione
    Creation and/or digital deposit of a new IP item, including the specifics of its creation - recycling, aggregation (collection), partial modification;
  • Accesso
    Change of method and (or) conditions of access to the IP item, including granting national or other patents or termination of legal protection, change of rightsholder, announcement of open and (or) royalty-free licenses, limitations and exceptions to exclusive rights arising in connection with the rules of law;
  • Garanzia
    Performing actions that create additional safeguards for the use of the IP item, primarily various types of compulsory and voluntary examinations;
  • Valore
    Determination of the value of the IP item, including inventories, market evaluation, business operations, including insurance and compensation payments for various uses;
  • kOnflitto
    Statement by an author, rightsholder, user or acquirer, party to a smart contract or a third party about the infringement of rights and the beginning or conclusion of such disputes in the courts or by independent mediators;
  • Transazione
    Execution of any transactions, including in the course of implementation of smart contracts with rights and/or intellectual property, including information on the commencement or completion of such transactions.